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Many people who want to take care of a pet fish decide to bring home a Betta.  Betta fish are exceptionally popular for their fairly solid longevity and their perceived easy care needs.  They’re also quite commonplace at pet stores and across the marketplace in general, as many people know at least one person who has a Betta or has had one at some point.  Misconceptions about Betta fish care, however, can be detrimental to the health and growth of these fish.  Just because they’re better survivors than many other fish types doesn’t mean they don’t come without strings, and knowing what to prepare for will help you better raise your pet fish.
The proper fish tank is first and foremost your priority.  Many people assume that Betta fish will be fine in tight spaces, and purchase fishbowls that are small, confining, and offer very little space to swim in.  While it’s true that many Bettas can survive these conditions, they’re not ideal.  A slightly larger than normal fish tank, complete with a water temperature management system is preferable.  And you don’t want to just leave the fish in an empty bowl all by itself.  Putting objects it can hide behind or squeeze through can provide the fish with more to do.  Plastic fishbowl castles and fake shipwrecks can often do the trick, as can underwater-safe plants.
The tank should be cleaned often and well.  Choose a fish tank that has long, flat surfaces in most spaces so that cleaning the tank will be a breeze.  While unusually shaped fishbowls may look fantastic and impress your friends and family more easily, that impressing won’t pay off very well when you have to bend your hand and fingers in a thousand different ways just to clean a nook or cranny of the tank.
Betta fish are often colorful in the right conditions and make for wonderful, long-lasting pets over the long haul.  If you’re able to keep in mind all of their daily feeding and habitat needs, which aren’t all that difficult in terms of scope compared to what you need to do for a dog or a cat, you should be all set.  It’s just important to remember that fish are still living things, and though they may not need the social attention that cats and dogs do, they still have other vital needs that need to be met every time.

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